Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wuchereria bancrofti
Species:W. bancrofti
     This species of nematode is know for being able to make a human being into an uneven looking scary human being. The Wuchereia bancrofti causes the swelling of multiple areas in a person's body, and the name for the disease is elephantiasis.
     Elephantiasis is a disease caused by the body reacting to the host nematodes inside the person's body. This reaction of the immune system cause random enlargement of areas of your body because of this immune system reaction. This extra tissue calcifies and other symptoms, such as asthma like symptoms, happens to the host.  Usually external genitals are affected first and then it goes to the next place from there. The picture to your left is an example of this disease.

     This nematode is usually found within most of Asia, some of Africa, and on the eat side of south America. They usually appear in mosquitos and an effected person of elephantiasis. The juvenile nematodes or nematode larvae, are found within the mosquitos where they grow into adults. These adult nematodes find its host based on who the mosquito bites. The nematode uses that opening to get into a person's body. They then migrate to the closest lymph gland and attaches itself there. Its presence then causes the immune system to respond in unusual way due to the fact that the lymph glands are one of the main organs when it comes to talking about the immune system, it regulates the amount of cells released to fight off disease.


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